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Saturday, June 15, 2024
15-Jun-2024 8-Zul Hijjah-1445
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HomeLibrary8 Shawwal Demolition of Jannat ul Baqi History | TV110

8 Shawwal Demolition of Jannat ul Baqi History | TV110

Demolition of al-Baqīʿ (Arabic: تخریب البقیع) refers to the event of demolition of historical and religious graves and shrines of al-Baqi’ cemetery by the Wahhabis of contemporary time. Demolition of al-Baqi’ was followed by serious protests in Muslim countries including Iran. Wahhabis destroyed places and graves in al-Baqi’ two times, once in 1220/1805-1806 and the second time in 1344/1926. Many Shi’a hold gatherings, remember the event and mourn on Shawwal 8 of every year which is known as Yawm al-Hadm (Day of Demolition).




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